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Polynesiafilm, a local Hawai'i group, specialises in the documentation and dissemination of DVD's and books on Hawaiian and Polynesian subjects of current and archaic interest. Our goal is to respectfully and accurately preserve, perpetuate and share Hawaiian culture via traditional as well as contemporary mediums. A portion of the sale proceeds help support Hawaiian Cultural programs.

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We strive to produce and distribute high quality educational and entertaining dvds and books for
the purpose of promulgating Polynesian Culture and helping to raise awareness, appreciation
and respect toward all aspects of Hawaiian and Polynesian life, ancient and modern.

We have a long list of subjects we want to cover in this milieu. Production costs sink us.
Should you wish to donate toward the cause, it would be much appreciated
and will greatly assist us towards our goals here at PolynesiaFilm.
Portions of the proceeds from our sales are then used to assist Hawaiian and Polynesian Cultural concerns.
Mahalo nui for your kokua.

Videos and Books available now!

Amazing Old Hawai'i!
From years of collecting Old Film reels! One of a kind Old Hawaii DVD, more than one hour of footage on DVD! From 1906. 1916. 1929. 1931. 1934. 1936. 1952 and through the mid sixties!
See Our Trailer!

Includes rare archaic overviews of:
One of a kind! Rare Old Hawaii footage from archaic film reels! From 1916. 1929. 1931. 1934. 1936. 1952!
Includes rare archaic overviews of:
The old Hula. The ancient, priceless, incredible Ali'i cloaks of rare yellow and red feathers.
Diamond Head Crater. Surfing heavy old longboards right up to shore.
Tandem longboard riding with the dog!
The shoreline of Hawai'i, unspoiled by the building we see now...
from Diamond Head to Sandy Beach!
Amazing views of Diamond Head and the shoreline of coconut groves and no buildings!
Surfing and outriggers on the ocean at Waikiki beach!
(Back when there were only two major buildings on the shore!)

Hawai'i in 1906! All over Hawai'i in at the turn of the century! Along Kalakaua Avenue! On the Trolley cruising along through downtown Honolulu!

Moku O Keawe, 1916. - (Hawai'i island) and the Hamakua coast. You are riding along on the sugarcane railway in 1916!

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, 1929 and 1931 - and all around the Hotel grounds... back when it was a couple years old! (The Pink Palace was built in 1927.)

See net casting and bringing in fish, the ancient Hawaiian way in 1916!
A tourist's view of the Hawaiian islands including Hawaiian Air Line's first plane the Sikorsky S-38! They visit all over and you see a view of Our Hawai'i in 1930!
Surfing Waikiki 1929!
Kailua & Lanikai in 1930! - See Kailua beach expanse from Lanikai point to the canal where Buzzes now stands!
All over the islands in 1934!
Navy Shore leave in 1936! - Watch the boys disembark from their ship, descend on Waikiki, Surf, Outrigger... The droves in Sailor white descend on a hula show... which they called the "hula hula" (?).
Pali Lookout in 1936 back when the Pali Highway continued downhill from there!

Go shopping around the island!
The Amphibious SeaPlane Sikorsky S-38 - See a squadron of Sikorsky S-38s above Diamond Head and Waikiki, as we travel across Honolulu for an incredible, never before seen birds eye view of Oahu!
Hawai'i, 1952 - We see Oahu and Hawai'i as it was in 1952. The Luau! Hukilai at Laie! Old Honolulu! Touring Oahu in the 1960!

Samoa in 1937!

Royal Hawaiian crystal clear footage and Lanikai/ Kailua film footage from 1931!

So much more!

This collection of amazing vignettes of Old Hawaii is sure to be a treasured part of your video library collection.
Invite friends over, set out da pupu, chill a couple cases of Primo Beer, and have a pa'ina no one will forget while you all revel
in this, our latest visit back to Old Hawai'i! An incredible loving tribute to a land we love, via a journey to Old Hawaii!
This footage is very entertaining to watch, it is well edited with titles, appropriate Hawaiian music in the background... You will love it!
Your friends will say; that was amazing! A view to about a century ago, here in Hawai'i! Let's see that again!
Some black and white/sepia tone, much of it in color.
One Hour Running Time DVD.
Only 13.95 for this ultra rare Amazing Historic Hawaii Film DVD!

Tiara Tahiti

Now available, a beautiful video of Old Tahiti!
Unavailable for decades. This Torrid Tropic Tiki Tale/Love Triangle of Tahiti is sure to titilate, but its good clean fun for the whole family!
Yes, they are surrounded by carved Tahitian Tiki on the islands. Also, bamboo thatcshed hut, outrigger canoes, old sailing ships.... It really is a feast for the eyes if you love the old south seas islands!
USA Format - NTSC - In Color!
One hour and 36 minutes.
It is a clever James Mason Movie from 1962, long forgotten, but re-released by South Seas Cinema Studios!

Our South Seas Story entails the travails and temptations and friendship of two buddies, which begins in the U.K. and shortly, they find themselves in Tahiti. The friends deal with girls, their own friendly competition among themselves, all the while clever dialogue, social climbing, subtle wiles and ways exhibited by most all the players keeps us on our toes... blink and you may miss something!

Please email us, for ordering. We ship these out next day. We take PayPal and they are sent for only $13.95 postpaid!

Hell's Half Acre

We love old Hawai'i and although 1952 is not that "old", still a crystal clear glimpse into our past is always great to see... The classic 1954 film noir, set and shot entirely in Hawaii
The film stars Wendell Corey, Evelyn Keyes, Elsa Lanchester, Lucky Luck, and other notables, many who you will recognize. Directed by John H. Auer. Filmed all through Chinatown and Waikiki, including great exterior and interior segments at Don the Beachcomber's at the International Market Place!!

The drama tells of ex-racketeer Chet Chester (Corey) who is shaken down by his former criminal cohorts. Much intrigue ensues, throughout Honolulu's Chinatown. Chester's girlfriend Sally (Nancy Gates) kills one of his enemies, and Chester takes the blame, assuming that he has still got enough pull to get off with a light sentence. Dona Williams (Keyes) arrives in Hawaii, certain that Chester is her long-lost husband.
Only $13.95 for this rarely seen classic!

50th State Wrestling of the 60's and 70's!
All the Stars we knew and loved... to cheer and loved to hate and jeer!
These are not full complete individual matches; they are vignettes... segments of various matches captured
by Home Movie Camera from the fan's point of view!
You are there back in the 1960's! Witness to some of the most entertaining personalities in Professional Wrestling of that era!
This is rare archival footage, owned by us, of Hawaii's Old Time Wrestling! 50th State of Hawaii Wrestling
from the Civic Auditorium and the TV Studios in the 60's and 70's.

Featuring Handsome Johnny Barend. Pedro Morales. Gene Kiniski. Ripper Collins. Lord Tally Ho Blears.
Kenji Shibuya. Mitsu Arakawa. Cyclone Negra. Spiros Arion. Jim Hady, Billy White Wolf, Missing Link.
Blears interviews Graham and other wrestlers. Peter Maivia vs Harry Fujiwara, Maivia vs Pat Barrett,
Billy White Wolf vs Crazy Luke Graham. King Ripper Collins in action. Nick Bockwinkel vs Pat Patterson. The Shiek!
From archival footage shot at the long gone, much beloved Civic Auditorium, Studios and World's Championship Match at the HIC.
This of course is what started it all. The precurser to the HCW, now once again, growing into a major sports attraction,
we see a huge renewal of interest in this facinating action packed sports phenom for the whole family.
And that's something we don't see often anymore nowadays.

Documentary DVD. Feature length: One half hour. Available for $13.95 postpaid.

Videos and Books in production soon to be released:

Art & Artefact of Hawai'i: Discoveries of carvings, artefacts, and older "tiki" throughout the islands.

Amazing Art and carvings found among select collections and along Roadside Hawaii!
Revel in the discovery of amazing pieces of carved art, "Tikis" and semi archaic artifacts found around every corner.
This video trip of not long ago is comprised of much fabulous footage of artefacts culled from collections
and finds throughout Hawai'i, from about ten years of shooting here in the islands, plus, rare archival vintage footage.

We traverse the rustic country, the jungles, the forgotten towns, the seldom visited out of the way hidden shops and obscure markets...
We visit the "city" Honolulu and the tourist mecca, Waikiki, where are discovered fairly intriguing
carved pieces of artistic works, which we lately discover are amazingly, by now, disappeared!

This audio/video documentary, although shot not too long ago, displays many amazing pieces of art
and fabulous carvings of Hawaii that now exist only in memory and here in this audio/visual time capsule.

Number one in a series of documentaries covering the Art & Artifact of Polynesia.

Documentary DVD. Feature length: 60 minutes. Available for $19.95 postpaid.

Hawaiian Art and Carvings - Masterworks - The Rocky Ka'iouliokahikikolo'ehu Jensen Documentary.
The world renown, well respected Hawaiian carvings master shares his mana'o on Hawaiian Art and carving.
Delve deep into the important aspects pertaining to the history and continuation of Hawaiian Art. Learn the troubles that befall the contemporary maoli artist in the current times of exploitation of Native Icons and God Images for the consumeristic/tourist trade. Learn of the ways of the ancient ones through the works of the top maoli artist and carver here in the islands.

This documentary covers decades of Rocky's works and his invaluable submissions in this milieu and the part he plays with the assistance of his wife, Lucia Jensen, in the contemporary Polynesian art field, bringing the ancient icons to life once again.

A very good interview with Rocky Ka'iouliokahihikolo'Ehu Jensen

Heiau of Hawaii - Ancient Sacred Sites and their Revered Iconography.
Vol. 1
An overview of Heiau of Oahu and Moku O Keawe. (Hawai'i Island)

Includes overviews of select Heiau with video and archival photographs...
Disseminated with the intent of generating and developing education and respect towards Hawaii's sacred sites...
It is considered kapu to leave anything at heiau. Or to remove any pohaku. Or to trespass on heiau.
The carvings that were placed at heiau and the ones extant today found therein, are ki'i akua. Not "tikis".
Book and Documentary DVD

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Hawaiian spirituality or Hawaiian culture. This scarce volume focuses on the goddesses and elder women Kumu, teachers... of ancient Hawai'i.

It is a veritable treasure trove of information. Well documented and fully organized chapters on;

The Oracle.
Martial Art Exponent.
Fishing Experts.
Physiotherapist (lomilomi).
Tattoo Artist.
Hula Dancer.
Women Skilled in the Art of Love.

This is one of the few authentic books available on Hawaiian spirituality, and the only one in existence we know of about women. Highly recommended!
A beautiful, powerful book, this rare tome... an amazing complete guide to Hawaiian spirituality, that you will treasure for years as a valued addition to your library.
Written by a mother and daughter of a Native Hawaiian family, it is sensitively, expertly and completely researched by these two local authors, well known as deep students and highly respected cultural practitioners in their fields.
The photos are considered by many to be works of art in themselves.
It is such a seldom seen and highly prized, collectable volume, we see copies available on Amazon and ebay for $75, $84, $159., and up to $181 dollars! (they were selling for around 250 for a while!) And that is used copies! This is not pre owned. This edition has not been perused, touched, thumbed through at all. - This is available locally , just email us, or get your copy through Ebay.

Na Kaikamahine 'o Haumea, Daughters of Haumea, the sequel to the 1972 book, Men of Ancient Hawai'i--represents Lucia Tarallo-Jensen's attempt to dispel misinformation about women in Ancient Hawaiian culture. Lucia dedicates 20 sections of the book to a different role Native Hawaiian women had in society--from canoe maker to feather worker, from farmer to warrior, from ruler to lover.

"It was evident that Native Hawaiian women did not stand on the outside looking in, but were in fact an integral part of the whole...the female principle clearly woven into their civilization's fabric--essential to all facets of life." --Lucia Tarallo-Jensen

Lucia's daughter, Natalie Mahina Jensen, also contributes to this family project by providing 20 elegant black and white photographs of women--all Native Hawaiian models--in traditional settings, practicing a different aspects of their culture.

"The 'Aka' or 'Shadow Self', is an important aspect of our spirit and soul. A spiritual shield, it envelops our corporeal body. When photographing my subjects, I've tried to capture that momentary spark, that point of light that reflects the Soul of our people--the lens recording it for all time. With the Daughters, I have not only recreated a very material past, I have tried to capture the reflection of that past through the 'Aka'." --Natalie Mahina Jensen

Old Hawaii Vignettes: A nostalgic look at the "old" Hawaii of the 50's, 60's and 70's!
How we lived, during the coolest era of Hawaii.
The Tropical Bars! Old Polynesian restaurants! The Beach Boys of Waikiki!
The wild and unforgettable personalities that made up the social and entertainment scene!
The fabulous old kine local shops! The carvings and "tikis" that abound, back in the day!
All the people and places we knew and loved, brought back for you to relive, told as only a kama'aina could...
Book and Documentary DVD

Polynesian Art - A visual and descriptive overview of Hawaiian and Polynesian carvings old and new.
Rare examples of carvings and carvers at work throughout Polynesia; The carvings of the Maori. Hawaii Ki'i Akua. Tahiti Ti'i.
A trek in search of the elusive "tiki" found throughout the years here in Hawaii, many now long gone!
General various and sundry examples of "Tiki" of the South Seas. Dispells the myths and preconceptions of the much misinterpreted and oft illnamed "Tiki".
Book and Documentary DVD

Ways of Ancient Hawaii - Remember Ulu Mau Village? Located during the 1960's in Ala Moana Park and then He'eia.
A recreation of an old Hawaiian Village, wherein locals and malihini learned how the Hawaiians of old lived.
One had the chance to view how Kanaka maoli made their clothing, prepared their food... kapa making, weaving,
carving, basically most all aspects of how they lived... on display were a few Pili grass hale, ki'i akua, poi boards in action, etc..
We recreate this experience in this dvd. It will feature demonstrations by weavers, kapa makers, the taro story,
how to make poi, the traditional luau, hukilau, the weaving and creation of the mahiole (with feathers and without) with the i'e i'e rootlets...
carvers of God imagery and of canoes, (Kahuna kalai ki'i, Kahuna kalai wa'a"). An invaluable, entertaining and educational video.

It is very rare that we ever hear tell of Pitcairn. But now we have occasion to reach out through the distant past and connect
with this mysterious and fabled island and its denizens; the descendants of Fletcher Christian and his shipmates,
Bounty mutineers and the Tahitians who accompanied them and their progeny. Revel in the incredible never told
story of the infamous Pitcairn Island. This remote landfall met up with the tallship His Majesty's Armed Vessel
(HMAV) Bounty in 1790, and the rest, as they don't say, is forgotten history.
But we bring it alive! We see how they lived. How they made their life once again out of almost nothing, on a desolate isle!
Their strange and wonderful existence in that most enigmatic world of theirs.
In this amazing one hour DVD.

Hawaii's Maritime Story - Ancient to Modern!
Now, we can learn the untold story of Hawaii's incredible nautical origins from the seafaring Polynesian canoes
bringing new life to these strange islands we now call home... we see the changes brought about during the
Whaling days of Hawaii and the settling of Honolulu and the islands from the insurgence of tallships and the
commerce they would bring. The grogshops. Tattoo parlors. The wild "frontier days" of Hawaii.
All brought back to life with this new DVD release. Don't miss it!

Visions Of Tahiti.
The Stunning Islands of Old and their Amazing People! Now Revealed!
Many believe Tahiti of the modern age to be beautiful. And such as it is, still, we will be enthralled at the wonderous paradise we glimpse with this documentary as we are offered a look at the lovely isles eight decades past! This sound documentary produced by us on the wonder that is Tahiti features never before scenes and rare glimpses of Old Tahiti... We travel back to pristine Polynesia. Tahiti of the 1940s! Witness the Sacred Fish God dance! On land and on sea, they revere the great God of Fishing and the Sea in beautiful, amazingly elaborate ritual! Watch lovely vahine perform the long forgotten dances of Tahiti.
See amazing scenes of Old Tahiti, long lost to civilization... until now!

Rapa Nui - From Ancient Island Culture to Pop Culture Icon
Through old footage, archival photos, personal photographs and film of the remote land, artifacts, peoples and of course, the art,
most famously, the Moai, Easter Island's mysterious Icon of the Ages... (The "Tiki" of the island...)
we view the enigmatic island culture and its effect on the world and accidental path to American Pop Culture. Book and Video forthcoming.

Don The Beachcomber and the International Marketplace. The Real Story - The Only Story.
The Book features archival pictures of Donn Beach, his restaurants and countless rare,
never before seen views of the International Marketplace from its inception, through the years.
DVD includes archival footage of Donn Beach, and the above.
The product of decades of treasure hunting and research of the subject we knew and now miss so, Donn Beach and his Waikiki Hub.

Contact us at PolynesiaFilm!

We are striving to produce and distribute high quality educational and entertaining dvds and books for
the sole purpose of promulgating Polynesian Culture and helping to raise awareness, appreciation
and respect toward all aspects of Hawaiian and Polynesian life, ancient and modern.

We have a long list of subjects we want to cover in this milieu and while we are researching funding
and educational grants, should you wish to donate toward the cause, it would be much appreciated
and will greatly assist us towards our goals here at PolynesiaFilm. Mahalo for your kokua.

Previously Released

The Spencecliff Legacy

The History of the Spencecliff Restaurants of Hawaii!
Documentary DVD.
DVD One: Includes 23 minute overview/multimedia slideshow of the Spencecliff History, the restaurants and their employees.
Also approx. 20 minute video of footage shot during the reunion.

DVD Two: The Spencecliff reunion gallery; a dvd full of photographs taken of all attendees of the reunion!

Soon, the book!
More info at Spencecliff Blog

Classic Adventures of the South Seas and Hawaii Themed Movies in our South Seas Cinema Theatre!

Along with our own creations, we are working to bring forth to the national and international market, the music, art and writings of hitherto unknown and undiscovered local writers, musicians and artists. Please review this site for frequent updates!

Through our DVD and book publishing and distribution, as well as our "Hawaii ETC. Entertainment, Trends, Culture" Internet and television show, we hope to raise interest and conciousness on all subjects regarding Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands.

Old Hawaiian Culture Brought Back to Life in Waikiki! ...with Kumuola

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Tiki - Marquesas word for carved image.

TV = Television - electronic medium of communication for transmitting transient images and sound.

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